Artificial Ethical Agent
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    AMA task introduction
    Development of artificial moral agent

    In order for humans and robots to communicate with each other truly, artificial intelligence should be developed by combining moral factors together. 

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Ethics or morality is the core of humanity as a way oflife that humans ought to observe.

Ethics is linked to all the rational powers of human beings, and it is the basis of culture, art, religion, and politics of human society.

Artificial intelligence (AI) is a software technology that implements human-level intellectual ability in learning, reasoning, perceiving, understanding natural language, and the like.



In order for human beings and robots to communicate well with each other, moral components must be embedded in AI.

Artificial moral agent (AMA) means a software agent, i.e., an autonomous and intelligent executable file that performs specific tasks for the user, whose moral capabilities are implemented based on AI.

Cognitive agent architecture (CAA) coordinates perception, reasoning, planning, learning, and memory so that all three AI elements (recognition, reasoning, and learning) can be implemented. It is also a cognitive software architecture that can efficiently store, manage, and retrieve procedural memory, semantic memory, and episodic memory in a dynamic environment.

A project for implementing AMA is summarized below.

Title Development of Artificial Moral Agent Equivalent to 10-Years-Old Children for Application to Ethical Judgement Capability of Social Robots
(Development of Artificial Moral Agent Equivalent to 10-Years-Old Children for Application to Ethical Judgement Capability of Social Robots)
Organization Dong-A Univ. (host) and Seoul National Univ. of Education (participation)
Period May 2016 ~ April 2021
Manager Prof. Jong-Wook Kim (Dong-A Univ.) and Prof. Sun-Yong Byun

In this project, we will study and devise ethicaldecision algorithms that can be applied to robots and will implement AMA bywriting a software agent that integrates Soar (State Operator and Result), ROS(Robot Operating System) and various HRI(Human-Robot Interaction) methods. Bydeveloping the AMA software and applying the ethical decision algorithm tosocial and/or care robot platforms, we aim to establish infrastructuretechnology for companion robots which contributes much to improvingconvenience, welfare, and happiness of human life.

We will also carry out the preliminary work of the ethical certification system for robots in order to cope with the era of coexistence of human and robots.