Artificial Ethical Agent
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    AMA task introduction
    Development of artificial moral agent

    In order for humans and robots to communicate with each other truly, artificial intelligence should be developed by combining moral factors together. 

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Fourth year (2019)
1. Objective

* Dong-A University (host organization): Implement basic 10-years-old level robotic ethics package by installing AMA software on humanoid robot.

* Seoul National University of Education (participation organization): Provide verification and criterion of ethical algorithm through investigation and analysis of ethical dilemma cases of practitioners in social and healthcare field, and prepare for robot ethics certification system.

2. Content and Scope of Development
* Dong-A Univ.

- Robot etiquette package : Implement etiquette or regulation that ten-years-old children should observe in the AMA package, e.g., ability to recognize possibility of privacy breaches of human occupants when the robot is accessible to all rooms in the home.

- Emotional response package : Implement a moral countermeasure using appropriate emotional expression function of the robot when a robot makes a mistake or some other inappropriate behavior to a robot, e.g. anger, abuse, pushing a robot.

- Social behavior package : Respond appropriately by priorities when multiple people order almost simultaneously, e.g., when a child asks the robot to play with him or her and the mother asks her to bring a cup at the same time.

* Seoul National Univ. of Education

- Investigate cases of moral problems that they actually experience through quantitative and qualitative methods with practitioners in real social and health care areas and verify principles for moral judgment that AMA should decide in this situation.

- Propose criteria to ethical behaviors suitable for specific social care robot field and to meta-ethical behavior that can solve conflicts among multiple criteria.
ㆍ Using case study analysis of domestic and overseas moral judgment ability test
ㆍ Completing top-down criteria based on deontology and utilitarianism
ㆍ Supplementing the bottom-up criteria through actual cases in the field of social care
ㆍ Configuring combined judgment criteria system composed of top-down and bottom-up criteria

- Activity for the preparation of robot ethics certification system
ㆍ Establishing Robot Ethics Committee (tentative name) in the Korea Association of Robot Industry
ㆍ Advertising the necessity of the robot ethics certification system by regularly holding seminars and workshops hosted by the Korean Association of Ethics and the Korea Robotics Society
ㆍ Discussing practical methods for introducing ethical certification system in social care robot field in consultation with the Korea Institute for Robot Industry Advancement